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Family Distance Learning

What's new with Distance Learning?

A brand new system is being set up for Distance Learning this year!  

Classes will be interactive! That means your children will be able to speak directly with their teacher as if they were in the classroom!

The Senior Class will be taught by founder Dr. Glenn J. Kimber; the Junior Class will be taught by Jennifer Bush, of Cedar City.

We're really excited about this because it seems to be working really well!

Why Kimber Academy?

In the Family Distance Learning program, your students will learn:

  • How to apply God’s Word in their own lives.
  • How to think and self-govern.
  • How to serve by using their Language Arts skills.
  • How to ponder historical and current events.
  • How to search God’s Word to find answers to science’s most puzzling questions.
  • How to learn so much more and become individuals prepared to lead!
  • Read more on our Objective's page

Find Out How It Works!

Julianne Kimber - 801-414-0332