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Family Distance Learning

Julianne Kimber at 801-414-0332 
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Parent Training Resources
  • Personal Goal Setting help with an Administrator
  • Personal Coaching available
  • See other perks below

Dr Kimber TeachingNow your whole family can participate in a Kimber Academy class right in your own home! And it’s so affordable that everybody in the family can participate and learn together.

WOULD YOU LIKE A FREE ONE-WEEK TRIAL TO SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT?  Register on the Distance Learning Registration page, then call Julianne Kimber at 801-414-0332 to get set up for one week of free watching.  You can view any class that is posted -- Senior or Junior. 

This type of eduation is different and will require some getting used to.  Dr. Kimber shares some great information about integrating into Kimber Academy in this video.  

Because the Kimber methods and philosophies are so very different from what you may be used to, we STRONGLY recommend that you watch the parent training videos explaining the Kimber program.  These 7 highly valuable DVDs are approximately one hour each, and are presented by Dr. Kimber, who explains the philosophy and methods of Kimber Academy.  A manual accompanies these DVDs and can be purchased from Textbook Publishers for $39.95.  Registered Distance Learners get the 20% discount on these DVDs as well as the curriculum offered for the school year.


You will love what you see from your students as they attend the Kimber Academy. We offer a model of education that rises above modern educational philosophy.

  • The live video classes are streamed from Cedar City, Utah, right to your computer at home. 
  • School begins the day after Labor Day in September of each year and ends the third or fouth week of May.  
  • Class times are from 8:00 am to noon, Mountain Time.  However, you can access the archived classes at a time that is convenient for you.  (Archived classes will remain online for two or three weeks.)
  • An individualized password is the key that will unlock the best of all worlds for your students. 
  • Students can text or call in questions privately, and the Senior Class students can skype chat live.  The instructor will respond by answering appropriate questions online to everyone.
  • Family Distance Learning members who live near a Kimber Academy may wish to participate in KA events at a rate determined by the local Administrator.
  • The monthly parent training nights are also available for additional training and learning -- locally and online. 
  • Distance Learning students can also join in recorded and/or streamed extra-curricular classes or special events.
  • Upon request, students can receive individualized help from KA instructors.
  • Registered members of the Family Distance Learning Program will receive a 20% discount on the current year's curriculums, purchased from Textbook Publishers.
  • Distance Learning students are welcome to attend Kimber Academy functions as well as seminars sponsored by the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration (such as the Healing of America series -- see

In the Family Distance Learning program, your students will learn:

  • How to apply God’s Word in their own lives.
  • How to think and self-govern.
  • How to serve by using their Language Arts skills.
  • How to ponder historical and current events.
  • How to search God’s Word to find answers to science’s most puzzling questions.
  • How to learn so much more and become individuals prepared to lead!
  • Read more on our Objective's page


Students associated with Kimber Academy will find the confidence and courage to STAND OUT in leadership, instead of feeling the need to FIT IN to the decadant aspects of society.  They will be associating with like-minded youth who are willing and ready to “put on the whole armor of God” and make a difference.

Enroll today for the Family Distance Learning Program! Anytime is a good time to start at Kimber Academy!


ANNUAL APPLICATION FEE:  Only $50.00 for the whole family (Non-refundable)

MONTHLY FEE per family:  $150.00 (This includes viewing BOTH Senior and Junior classes if desired. click here for details.) 

(Note:  Families are not obligated to remain with the program for the entire year, and can discontinue at any time.)

To register your family, click here.  

To order CURRICULUM at the 20% discount click here

NOTE:  Consider that according to the NCES, each public school child costs approximately $9,751 to $11,153 per year. Private school costs average $8,549 per year per student. The recommended cost for Kimber Academy on campus tuition is between $4,000 to $6.000 per year per student, depending on location. Distance Learning paid on a monthly basis comes out to $1,350 per year per FAMILY.

To apply for Family Distance Learning:

Click here for online registration.

For Questions and Comments, please contact us.

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