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 Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2017

A complete education is built on a foundation of religion, family, morality and good sound character.

This gives the youth a deeper purpose in their education and can be led by God to know their purpose and his will for them.


Meet Chad and Kristy Virgin







We would like to express the reason behind opening the school.

  • We have felt inspired, prompted and led to do so.
  • We believe that children have a divine purpose especially in these times.
  • We believe they need somewhere to go that is in the world but not of the world so that they can develop those talents and get in-tune with the spirit and be guided in their hearts to the things that they are to do.
  • This burned in my heart as I was reading Jacob chapter 5. We would like to restore the principles taught by the founders that created this great country, America. We would like to help our youth feel confident before God and to be surrounded by like minded youth and adults to support them as well. We want to create an environment where the spirit can dwell while they are learning spiritual and secular things to the best of their abilities. I see this school as a training center for our youth and our families to be what our Father in Heaven wants us to be as we get ready to reign in the millennium.

Chad and Kristy are parents of 8 children, and have been homeschooling with the Kimber curriculum for 3 years. Currently they have 6 children at home, with their oldest living in Utah and one serving a LDS mission.

Here is what you can expect for your children from the Kimber Academy:

Opening and closing devotionals daily

4 days a week- mon- thurs. 8:30-12:30

Monthly Temple trips for students 12+

Intrinsic Values in 5 core subjects:

Religious studies –Learning to apply scriptures to everyday life.

Language Arts –Learning to serve using academic service.

Math –Learning correct principles to self-govern.

Science – Learning to search the Scriptures.

History – Learning to ponder; ponder God’s dealings with His children.

Age Groups:

Jr .Prep-Little Characters: (5-8) This mommy

and me class is to instill religion, manners, character,

curiosity and learn the 5 intrinsic values with our

academics. We will be using Charlotte Mason/Kimber

method. Some resources will be Book of Mormon,

Kimber curriculum, McGuffey readers and Rays

Arithmetic. (Original from the 1830’s) Matthew

19:14...suffer the little children to come unto me...

Jr.A-Little Learners- (7-9) We build upon our

testimony , patriotism and the 5 intrinsic values in

this class. A good religious and moral base helps us

build upon our education more firmly and is

pleasing to the Lord.

Jr.B-Valiant Learners: (9-12) Where reason

and inspiration come together. Creating thinkers

who learn to self-govern using correct principles.

where a love of God, family and country flourishes.

D&C ye diligently and teach one

another words of wisdom; seek ye out of the best

books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by

study and also by faith.

Senior-Defenders of Truth: (12+) Restoring a

knowledge and a love of the Constitution and the

Founding Fathers, so that they can defend and restore

liberty and freedom. To be thinkers and leaders that

rely on the spirit to teach them further as they study.

D&C 93:36 The glory of God is intelligence, or, in

other words, light and truth.

He is the source of the light of the sun and the light

that quickens our understandings. (Vv.7,11)

D&C 88:80

It is.. That ye “may be prepared in all things” when the

Lord shall send us to magnify the calling whereunto he

has called us and the mission with which he has

commissioned us.

For more information on classes and curriculum, feel free to contact us! 

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