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Idaho Falls

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2017

Come meet the new owners, the Walkers! 

For many years, as we looked at the world around us, we felt concern for our children and their future. We wanted them to learn and understand certain principles before they were grown. We wanted them to grow up to become leaders in righteous causes and to serve others. We were overwhelmed with all of the things we needed to teach them to make this a reality.

In 2013, we learned about the Kimber Academy. It was the answer to our prayers and we have been blessed as a result of our children enrolling. Year after year, we have seen their knowledge and spirituality increase. They have become more motivated and willing to serve in the family and in the community.

We are grateful to have a place where they can learn these things. Now as we look to the future, we feel hopeful. This organization is set up to bless families and we are honored to serve in the Kimber Academy of Idaho Falls.


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