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Meet our teacher:

Tami Bleazard has been teaching for many years. She started out teaching piano and dance in 2004 and has enjoyed teaching every since. In 2008, she worked as a preschool and music teacher, graduating to the Junior and Senior Classes at Kimber Academy. She has been involved with Kimber Academy for 5 years and enjoys teaching all levels, but her favorite is teaching the Senior history and Religious studies. She has learned much over the last 5 years and learned the value of the hook date system and of learning out of the scriptures. Her and her husband Gary, own and run the Caldwell-ID Kimber Academy (formerly Moses Lake, WA)

She loves the following quote by: John Jay (1st Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme court):

“I believe the fact to be, that except [for] the Bible there is not a true history in the world.” (John Jay’s letter to Jedediah Morse, Feb. 28, 1797, quoted by Norman Cousins, In God We Trust, New York: Harper Brothers, 1958, p.362

Meet the owners of Kimber Academy-Caldwell, ID: 

Gary and Tami Bleazard got involved with Kimber Academy in 2011. Tami was the Junior A teacher and when the local owners of the Moses Lake, WA school moved, they took over as owners of the school in 2012. We ran the school until 2015, when Gary was relocated to Caldwell, ID for his job. Tami helped get the Meridian, ID school up and running and now we are excited to open our own school, in Caldwell, ID. 

We have enjoyed seeing our own children grow and learn with Kimber Academy, it has been a blessing to our family. Our oldest son, graduated from Kimber Academy in 2014 at the age of 16. Our youngest two are still learning and growing at the school. 

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation, will be
the philosophy of government in the next. “

Abraham Lincolon