Ideas for Academic Service Projects

In 2003 the students at Murray Kimber Academy used the Kimber Academy Language Arts program to come up with academic service projects for increasing their skills in reading and writing. Many of their suggestions are listed below. As you read through them, other ideas may come to your mind. When these projects are implemented, students begin to feel the wonderful rewards that come with serving others as well as sharing their feelings.

As students write (and re-write) these service projects, perfection in the following areas should be their goal and standard:

  • Best Cursive handwriting

  • Accurate Spelling

  • Perfect Grammar

  • Increased Vocabulary

  • Presentation of the Message

  • Expanded Creativity (artwork, poetry, designing, etc.)

  • Neatness

  1. Write a letter to a missionary.

  2. Write a letter to a pen-pal.

  3. Write a letter to a relative.

  4. Write a letter to a foreign exchange student.

  5. Make up a game for Family Night - “B” creative!

  6. Write your favorite scripture and frame it.

  7. Write a story and give it to a child.

  8. Write a story and record it on tape.

  9. Create a poem

  10. Gather a collection of your favorite poems.

  11. Make a book of your original poems and decorate the pages.

  12. Write a thank-you note to a teacher, expressing your feelings.

  13. Write a thank-you note to a brother or sister. Be specific in your

  14. Write the words to a song.

  15. Write your testimony and frame it.

  16. Write a thank-you note to someone in your ward; include your favorite
    quote from Kimber Academy.

  17. Write down your favorite scripture, explain why it is special to you, and
    give it to someone.

  18. Make up a family home evening lesson. Present it to your family.

  19. Explain how to do something, with detailed instructions, and give it to someone you feel it may help. (Or make a game of this activity to
    see how well you wrote the instructions.)

  20. Create your own personal mission statement. Frame it.

  21. Write a prayer you have in your heart. (Example: an Irish prayer)

  22. Write your favorite character traits that you have. Give one to your Dad, one to your Mom. List which character traits you feel originated from each of them.

  23. Write to someone in the Armed Forces.

  24. Write to a legislator, expressing your feelings about a particular law or regulation; or send it as a thank-you note.

  25. Write down all the blessings that have come to you in your life. Put this in your scriptures.

  26. Write a children’s story, illustrate it, make copies, and give them to hospitals or clinics.

  27. Make up a game and give it to a homeless shelter.

  28. Write encouraging poems and inspirational thoughts, put them in a small photo-booklet and donate it (or several) to Women’s Crises

  29. Write thank you notes to various service organizations, such as fire stations, police stations, water treatment services, power
    companies, other people who keep our cities running smoothly. (How about the garbage truck drivers?)

  30. Read and record articles or stories onto an audio tape and give it to a Care Center where people may not be able to read anymore.

  31. Learn signing so you can communicate with the deaf.

  32. Write a letter to the editor, expressing your opinion about a specific subject, or defending your position on a righteous principle.

  33. Create a newsletter for your family or class.

  34. Write a thank-you note to your various Ward leaders.

  35. Keep a personal journal every day.