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Distance Learning Curriculum

The curriculum for the Kimber Academy students is offered by Textbook Publishers.  Create an account with this company at  After creating an account with Textbook Publishers, you can click on the links below to order your books online (with your credit card) for the Distance Learning classes.  When you order from this page, you get an automatic 20% discount as a Distance Learning customer.

If you have questions about curriculum please call Julianne 801-414-0332.

Senior Class

Religious Studies*

* Students who do not desire to participate in Book of Mormon studies may wish to have their own religious studies session offline, using an excellent manual on the New Testament, written and compiled by Rev. Donald Sills and Rev. Robert Smith.  You can order Hook Dates of the New Testament

Language Arts (Choose one for individual study)


Mathematics (Choose one for individual study)


Science (Choose one for individual study)

  • Physiology (“How and Why God Created My Body”)

  • Zoology (“How and Why God Created Animals”)

  • Botany (“How and Why God Created Plants”)

  • Chemistry (“How and Why God Created Things”)

  • Geology (“How and Why God Created the Earth”)

  • Astronomy (“How and Why God Created the Universe”)




Junior Class

Religious Studies*


Language Arts


Mathematics (Choose one for indivudual study)



  • Zoology (“Animals are My Friends” -- This is the subject that will be taught online this year.)