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Children's List of Classics

The overwhelming output of new books for children each year tends to obscure some of the significant books of former years. The following are a few books too good to be forgotten. 

(Books are listed alphabetically by Title, followed by Author and usually age-group)


Adventures of Tom Sawyer -- by Samuel Clemens 10-14

Dolphin Island -- by Arthur C. Clarke 12-15

Gulliver’s Travels -- by Jonathan Swift

Huckleberry Finn -- by Mark Twain 8-up

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table

Kon-Tiki -- by Thor Heyerdahl

Men of Iron  -- by Howard Pyle

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood -- by Howard Pyle 10-13

Robinson Crusoe -- by Daniel DeFoe 12-16

Swiss Family Robinson -- by Johann Wyss 12-up

The Black Arrow -- by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Marvelous Misadventures of Sabastian -- by Lloyd Alexander

The Prince and the Pauper -- by Mark Twain

The Three Musketeers

Treasure Island -- by Robert Lewis Stevenson 9-16 


Bambi – by Felix Salten

Bhimsa, the Dancing Bear – by Christine Weston

Black Beauty – by Anna Sewell 8-12

Black Stallion series – by Walter Farley

Brighty of the Grand Canyon – by Marguerite Henry

Gentle Ben -- by Walt Morey

King of the Wind -- by Marguerite Henry 9-14 -- Newbery 1949

Lassie, Come Home -- by Eric Knight

Misty of Chincoteague -- by Marguerite Henry 9-14

My Friend Flicka -- by Mary O’Hara 12-up

Ring of Bright Water -- by Gaven Maxwell

Smoky, the Cow Horse -- by Will James 11-16 -- Newbery 1927

The Incredible Journey -- by Sheila Burnford 1l-up

The Yearling -- by Marjorie Rawlings


Aesop’s Fables 10-14

Chanticleer and the Fox -- by Geoffrey Chaucer -- Caldecott 1959

Fables of LaFontaine  -- by DeLaFontaine 5-8

The Jungle Book Series -- by Rudyard Kipling

The Ugly Duckling -- by Hans Christian Anderson


Abe Lincoln Grows Up -- by Carl Sandburg 11-16

Amos Fortune, Free Man -- by Elizabeth Yates 10-13 -- Newbery

Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl 12- up

Buffalo Bill -- by Ingri d’Aulaire 7-9

Chief Geronimo -- by Edgar Wyatt 11-14

Daniel Boone -- by James Daugherty 12—15 -- Newbery 1940

Drake, the Man they called a Pirate -- by Jean Lee Latham

Frederick Douglass, Slave-Fighter-Freeman -- by Arna Bontemps 12-up

Freedom Train -- The story of Harriet Tubman 10-12

Gandhi: Fighter without a Sword -- by Jeannette Eaton 13-15

Invincible Louisa -- by Cornelia Meigs 12-14 -- Newberv 1934

Ivanhoe -- by Walter Scott

Joan of Arc -- by Nancy Wilson Ross 8-up

Little Britches -- by Ralph Moody

Maria Tallchief -- by Tobi Tobias 7-9

Peter the Great -- by Nina Brown Baker 12-un

Sam Houston, Tallest Texan -- by William Johnson 10-12

Snow Treasurer -- by Marie McSigan

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin -- by Benjamin Franklin

The Life of George Washington -- by Washington Irving (5 vol.)

The Little House on the Prairie Series -- by Laura Ingalls Wilder 10-14

The Story of My Life -- by Helen Keller

The Story of Johnny Appleseed -- by John Chapman 7-8

The World of Marco Polo -- by Walter Buehr

The von Trapp Family Singers -- by Maria von Trapp

They Were Strong and Good -- by Robert Lawson -- Caldecott 1941

Winged Moccasins; The Story of Sacajawea -- by F. J. Fransworth 12-15


Around the World in Eighty Days -- by Jules Verne

Back of the North Wind -- by George McDonald 9-12

Ben and Me -- by Robert Lawson 11-14

Chitty Chitty-Bang-Bang -- by Ian Fleming 10-11

Curious George -- by Hans A. Rey 4-8

500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins -- by Maurice Sendak

Many Moons -- by James Thurber 7-10 -- Caldecott 1944

Mr. Popper’s Penguin -- by Florence & Richard Atwater 8-10

Mrs. Pickerell Goes to Mars -- by Ellen MacGregor

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series -- by Betty MacDonald

Rabbit Hill -- by Robert Lawson 6-12 -- Newbery 1945

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm -- by Kate Douglas Wiggin

Rootabago Stories -- by Carl Sandburg 8-12

The Cat Who Went to Heaven -- by Elizabeth Coatsworth 10-14 -- Newbery 1931

The Cricket in Times Square series -- by George Seldon 9-12

The High King -- by Lloyd Alexander 11-13 -- Newbery 1969

The Little Lame Prince -- by Dinah Medock Craik

The Little Prince -- by Antoine de Saint Exupery 12-up

The Velveteen Rabbit -- by Margery Williams Bianco 4-7

The Wonderbook and Tanglewood Tales -- by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Tuck Everlasting -- by Natalie Babbett

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea -- by Jules Verne 12-up

Winnie the Pooh -- by A. A. Milne 8-10


Anne of Green Gables series -- by L. M. Montgomery

Caddie Woodlawn -- by Carol Ryrie Brink 10-14 -- Newbery 1936

Carry on Mr. Bowditch -- by Jean Lee Latham

Johnny Tremain -- by Esther Forbes 10-14 -- Newbery 1944

Moccasin Trail -- by Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Pocahontas and Her World -- by Frances Carpenter 7-10

Pollyanna -- by Eleanor H. Porter

Rifles for Watie -- by Harold Keith -- Newbery 1958

Roller Skates -- by Ruth Sawyer -- Newbery 1937

Sarah, Plain and Tall -- by Patricia MacLachlan -- Newbery 1985

Strawberry Girl -- by Lois Lenski 9-12 -- Newbery 1946

The Bronze Bow -- by Elizabeth Speare 12-up -- Newbery 1962

The Courage of Sarah Noble -- by Alice Balgliesh 8-9

The Door in the Wall -- by Marguerite de Angeli 8-11 -- Newbery 1950

The Last of the Mohicans -- by James Fenimore Cooper

The Matchlock Gun -- by Walter D. Edmonds 10-12 --Newbery 1942

The Red Badge of Courage -- by Stephen Crane 14-up

The Trumpeter of Krakow -- by Eric P. Kelly 12-up -- Newbery 1929


A Bear Called Paddington -- by Michael Bond 8—10

A Wrinkle in Time -- by Madeleine L’Engle 11-14 -- Newbery 1963

Charlotte’s Web -- by E. B. White 8-10

Dr. Dolittle: A treasury -- by Hugh Lofting

Homer Price -- by Robert McCloskey 7-12

Jungle Book -- by Rudyard Kipling 9-13

Just So Stories -- by Rudyard Kipling 8-12

Mary Poppins series -- by Pamela Travers 8-12

Old Mother West Wind -- by Thornton W. Burgess 8 and under

Peter Pan -- by Sir James Barrie 9—12

Pippi Longstocking -- by Astrid Lindgren 9-12

Rabbit Hill -- by Robert Lawson 9—12

The Adventures of Pinocchio -- by Carlo Collodi 9—12

The Five Chinese Brothers -- by Claire Huchet Bishop 5-10

The Narnia series -- by C.S. Lewis 8—12

Twenty-One Balloons -- by William Pene du Bois 10-12 -- Newbery 1948

Wind in the Willows -- by Kenneth Grahame 10-12 


A Certain Small Shepherd -- by Rebecca Caudill 9-11

Amahl and the Night Visitors -- by Gina-Carlo Menotti

...And Now Miguel -- by Joseph Krumgold 13-17 -- Newbery 1954

Call it Courage -- by Armstrong Sperry 10-13 -- Newbery 1941

Hans Brinker, and the Silver Skates -- by Mary Maples Dodge 10-12

Heidi -- by Johanna Spyri 9-12

Laddi -- by Jean Stratton Porter

Little Lord Fauntleroy -- by Frances Hodgsen Burnett

Little Women -- by Louisa May Alcott 10-15

Miracles on Maple Hill -- by Virginia Sorenson 10-12 -- Newbery 1957

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm -- by Kate Douglas Wiggin

Roller Skates -- by Ruth Sawyer 12-13 -- Newbery 1937

The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew -- by Harriet Mulford Lothrop

The Moffats -- by Eleanor Estes 10-14

The Secret Garden -- by Frances Hodgson Burnett 9-11

The Silver Sword -- by Ian Serrailhier

Up a Road Slowly -- by Irene Hunt 11-14 -- Newbery 1967


Christmas Carol -- by Charles Dickens

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court -- by Mark Twain 

Hiawatha -- by Longfellow

Rip Van Winkle -- by Washington Irving

The Gift of the Magi -- by O. Henry

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow -- by Washington Irving

The Night Before Christmas -- by Clement Clark Moore 4-7

The Other Wiseman -- by Henry Van Dyke

The Ransom of Red Chief -- by O. Henry

The Selfish Giant -- by Oscar Wilde 9-11'


A Child’s Garden of Verses -- by Robert Louis Stevenson 5-9

Complete Poems of Robert Frost -- by Robert Frost 11-up

Famous Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Frog Went A-Courtin -- by John Langstaff 4-6 -- Caldecott 1956

Poems of Childhood -- by Eugene Field 8-12

Poems of Emily Dickinson -- by Emily Dickinson 11-up

Poems of William Shakespeare -- by William Shakespeare

Poems of Tennyson -- by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Rhymes and Verses -- by Walter De La Mare 5-up

Sing-Song -- by Christina Rossetti 4-10

Tales of Shakespeare -- by Charles and Mary Lamb

The Cruise of the Aardvark -- by Ogden Nash 7-9

The Pied Piper of Hamelin -- by Robert Browning

The Portable Emerson -- by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Sandburg Treasury -- by Carl Sandburg 10-14

The World of Christopher Robin -- by Alan A. Milne 8-10

Under the Willow -- by Kate Greenway 4-7

101 Famous Poems -- by Roy J. Cook 


Davy Crockett -- by Irwin Shapiro 10-14

Gullivers Travels  -- by Johnathan Swift

Paul Bunyan -- by Esther Shephard 10-14

Pecos Bill: The Greatest Cowboy of All Times -- by James Lloyd Bowman 9-12

The Peterkin Papers  -- by Lucretia Hale 10-up