Building your Educational Dreamhouse


Each step a builder takes to create the home of someone’s dreams is necessary and deliberate, just as the steps a parent must take as they create their children’s so-called “educational dream house.” Parents who take their divine calling seriously know how important it is to seek out and create a unique, inspired education for each child. As we discovered how to construct this educational dream house for our children, we found the following five steps to be invaluable:

Does your Child Need to Detox?


New  Kimber Academy students, coming from public school, may need to detoxify from:

Poor behavior, often undisciplined

Sloppy work, poor handwriting, poor spelling and grammar

Tendency to do their work too fast without regard to neatness

Inability to think (followers, not doers)

Teasing other students, putting them down, bullying

Talking during lecture time

Disrespect for adults/teachers/other students

Lying, cheating, stealing

Don’t understand what it means to “learn by the Spirit”

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